tennis racquets, zebras and flamingos

Whether or not I could put this wallpaper up is beside the point. Where they have put it up is darling. I mean really, I wish I was the kind of person who could manage to pull off tennis racquets and cricket, um, somethings, zebras and flamingos all over my walls. Nice job Turner Pocock … Continue reading


I was fortunate enough to move into an apartment with painted walls I liked, and thus spared my regular paining and color obsessive fiascos this time around. Still, I often find myself wishing my walls had a bit more pop. I shot these snippets from Vienna’s museum the Albertina last summer. I wasn’t certain if … Continue reading


So I’m pretty sure it has been established here that I like a bit of a degraded look. If not, hello, welcome to pixels&arrows, I like a bit of a degraded look. Enter: the capsule collection of patterns This transitional wallpaper collection by Lene Toni Kjeld can be used together to softly transition one print … Continue reading