Le Lodge

Over on Apartment Therapy they stumbled across, ready for this, not one, but two hotels called Le Lodge in France, AND, I love them both! Le Lodge Kerisper, Brittany (up) & Le Lodge Park Hotel, Megeve (down) They are so very different, but I think they’re actually kind of lovely together. France road trip anyone?… … Continue reading


Not exactly a wedding, but since I was thinking about them, this incredible white room created by Emily Ann Nachison seemed fitting. Made using netting, camouflage netting, latex paint, spray paint, crystals, zip ties, and string… With a little patience, something like this could actually be feasible as reception decoration… maybe. Ignoring all the weddings … Continue reading

une possibilité serait de…

Since I’m obsessing about white and homes lately (can you tell I’m blogging instead of cleaning my room?), I wanted to show Sibella Court, of The Society‘s home. Something about it seems accessible. Like you could kick your shoes off, lounge around, and it would still look lovely. Like someone like me could achieve these … Continue reading


I think I’ve been here before, but I LOVE WHITEWASH. Who knew this would happen. I honestly don’t understand it. I still don’t like white walls, but you throw some white floors down, and BAM! I’m a convert. And how much do you love that large photograph in the hallway on the right below? It … Continue reading