all work and no play…

So I’ve busy with work… and summer coming (is that an excuse?)… and the sister’s nuptials (!!!) … etc… etc… So, I thought I’d show this teaser of her bachelorette party invite. a close-up We’re kicking the weekend off with a big mexican feast… why that made me think painting Lucha Libre masks on spoons … Continue reading


I have no idea who did these posters. But I like them. Good job HBO. Anyone know who did them? (Sorry I didn’t do my research… SO busy!)


Heatherwick Studio’s design for the UK Pavilion for the Shanghai 2010 Expo is just nuts. I mean LOOK at it.

POSTER FRIDAY// curran hatleberg

I know it’s Tuesday, but this was literally my Poster Friday. And by that I mean  didn’t blog on Friday because I was traveling up to Yale to see the MFA photography thesis show—Specifically the work of Curran Hatleberg. There was a lot of work that I really loved (and some I really didn’t), but … Continue reading


Thanks to Zach I’m sitting around playing with color wheels when I should be sleeping. But hey, who doesn’t love color? The website,, breaks down the color wheel for you and provides hex codes for six different types of relationships (for the purpose of this demo we’ll start with a teal, and see how … Continue reading

Jim Tierny

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that eventually I’m going to be one of those people who owns a kindle or an ipad. I’ve made my peace with it… except when I see a great book cover. When I see a great book cover I want to move to a … Continue reading

I did (or vintage brides)

I just got my vacation cleared so that I can attend two weddings in August. Yay. It’s so exciting! Aside from getting to go to Seattle for the first time and see my long-lost west coast friends I get to see some amazing people get married! (Huge shout out to Gavin & Elizabeth, and Todd … Continue reading

like a mondrian mess

I love it when structural meets messy. It’s such a pretty mess. Elisa Strozyk is a textile designer from Berlin. She created a line called “wooden textiles.” I can’t imagine wanting to curl up under one of these, but as rug it would be amazing. Can you imagine it? you know how when a rug … Continue reading