POSTER FRIDAY // ink+wit

Are you looking for some calendars? Because they’re starting to pop-up all over… it’s like a horrible reminder that this year is flying by. Ugh. On the plus side, some cute places are tossing out some nice wall art. The images above are of wit+ink‘s 2010 line. Normally I find wit+ink‘s work to be more … Continue reading


I’m looking forward to winter because I’m feeling the need to get crafty. Until then, I’ll let other people do it: This is EmersonMade, a fun place where you can buy hand-dyed, hand-stitched, pretty little pieces… or read about ducks, mice and adorable husbands? Now, I do not know if I could actually manage to … Continue reading


I found these Robert Mars images on, well, fffound the other day, and really enjoyed them. The color schemes are gorgeous. I honestly want to repaint my walls having seen these. They’re filled with old industrial typography. I’m a complete sucker for this. I’m one of those people who would fight to keep up the … Continue reading


Ah, yes, the ever popular letting them know you care with a handkerchief… What, that’s not a thing? Well it should be. I mean look at how cute this is? I want them all. Made by Bird and Banner, you can pick them up for $20 on their etsy site, here.


Now I was one of those people who bought a “For Like Ever” poster. And I love it. I know a lot of people are not into it, but hey, fluorescents and 80’s-esque overly romantic sentiments? Yeah, you won me over… Plus, I mean have you seen The Sandlot? I know this isn’t a quote, … Continue reading

a thing called love

Over at poppytalk there is a section called I made this for you, in which the couple behind Something’s Hiding in Here documents the sweet little surprise projects they make for each other. I’ve never been in a 10 year relationship, but I hope if I ever am, this is fairly close to how it … Continue reading


When would I live here? Who knows. Would anything I ever designed end up like this? Probably not. Still I think I’d love to visit. Something about the stone makes it seem cool, yet it’s summery. And that couch by the stairs looks perfect for reading in or lounging around. So airy and breezy. Very … Continue reading


When I lived in SF I used to go to a farmer’s market by my house and get fresh flowers every week. I miss that—the flowers and the market just a hop skip and jump away. I miss a lot about that city actually. Not that I should be complaining. We’ve been having amazing Fall … Continue reading

QUOTE // Edward Tufte

“Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.” Words have always been important to me. I can’t spell worth a damn, but I love them. So, now and again, when something strikes my fancy, I’ll be doing QUOTE posts.

sit and read.

Space is always an issue in NY. Pair that with a love of books, especially big glossy design books and you have a problem. Lucky for me, someone like .nobodyandco has adorable answer. It’s called the BIBLIOCHAISE and it houses your books right where you sit. Part space innovation, part lazy reader’s dream; all design … Continue reading